Join us for our 2nd Annual 5K to celebrate recovery from Substance Use Disorders!

You can walk, run, roll, or however you care to complete the Road to Recovery 5K! Celebrate Recovery from Substance Use Disorders with us!

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Register for the 2nd Annual 2019 Road to Recovery 5K! Join us to celebrate recovery from substance use disorders!


There's many ways to recover from a substance use disorder, learn more here...

2018_ccopc_road to recovery
2018 Road to Recovery Flyer

Our Partners

These organizations support Road to Recovery 5K and recovery in our community!

Crawford County Drug & Alcohol Executive Commission

Drug & Alcohol Treatment

Crawford County's Drug & Alcohol Executive Commission (CCDAEC) provides outpatient treatment, funding and connections for inpatient treatment, and prevention services in Crawford County

Crawford County Overdose Prevention Coalition

Crawford County Overdose Prevention Coalition

Community Coalition

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Let's Talk...

Let's Talk... Overcome Addiction

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Not One More

Not One More | NWPA

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